Are you planning the space in your remodeled basement?

A basement remodel lets you reclaim space that was once unused or unappealing as a living space. Basements are versatile spaces with lots of options depending on your stage in life. Consider what types of spaces you’re missing in your home to decide how to use the newly redesigned space.

Keep reading to check out seven options for using your remodeled basement.

1. Kids’ Play Area

Having a kid-friendly area where your little ones can go and play safely can make your life easier. Putting that area in the basement means you don’t have to see toys all over your main living spaces. You can also be a little more creative with colorful, kid-like designs that might not fit with your main decor.

Include plenty of built-in storage solutions to keep books, toys, dress-up clothes, games, and other items organized. A kid-sized table is a versatile addition for doing crafts, having snacks, or doing other seated activities.

2. Home Gym

basement gym remodeling

Are you tired of driving to the gym to exercise? Create a personal gym in your newly refinished basement so you never have to wait for gym equipment or worry about germs and sweat left by other users.

Consider the basement ceiling height before solidifying your gym plans. If you’re planning to lift weights, you’ll need enough clearance to raise your arms over your head. Chin-ups require a ceiling height with enough clearance over the bar for your head.

Treadmills, elliptical machines, and similar equipment elevate you slightly off the ground. You’ll need enough room to do the motions without hitting your head on the ceiling.

3. Media Room

Your main living spaces might have a TV, but they likely don’t have a full theater system with all of the media bells and whistles. Basements are often used to create a theater-like experience at home.

A media room can be as simple as having a big-screen TV and a comfortable sofa. Or you can go all-out with a movie screen, projector, and theater-style seating.

A room that you can easily darken is ideal to recreate the theater experience. Lighting on a dimmer switch also helps give it a theater feel.

If you prefer gaming, set up a video gaming area in the basement. You can also set up computer desks for PC gaming.

4. Guest Room

A popular way to use a basement is to create a guest room. A dedicated space for visitors give them privacy and makes them feel more at home. A basement location makes it even more secluded and separated from the main living spaces for more privacy.

If your remodeled basement includes a bathroom, your visitors have a guest suite where they can feel like they have their own space.

Adding a bedroom to the basement gives you other options as your situation changes. It can eventually become a teen’s room if your kids share bedrooms or you have more kids. You might have your parents move in with you as they age.

The space has to meet legal requirements to qualify as a bedroom. The requirements vary by state, but they usually include a minimum square footage, a window of a certain size, and at least two ways to get out in case of a fire.

Make sure your basement space meets the requirements in your state before setting it up as a bedroom. Not only will the space not meet building code requirements, but it’ll also be a potentially dangerous place to sleep, especially if there’s a fire.

5. Office Space

If you work from home, even part time, having a dedicated office space can increase your productivity and focus. If you have extra space in your new basement, consider creating a separate office space.

Offices don’t need the privacy of a bedroom, so you can put one in a larger open room. However, having a separate room with a door can help you block out distractions and make the office more efficient.

You can also combine an office and a guest room in one room to get more uses out of the space. A murphy bed or a sofa with a pull-out bed can work well in the office. These options give you plenty of work space when you don’t have guests while still giving your visitors a comfortable spot to sleep.

6. Wine Cellar

Basements are often ideal for wine storage because of the naturally cooler and darker conditions. Ideal wine storage is cool, usually between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit, without UV rays. If you have a small unused room in your remodeled basement, consider claiming it as a wine cellar.

You can also turn a corner of your basement into wine storage or a bar area. Unless you’re a serious wine collector with expensive bottles of wine, you probably don’t need a full cellar. A bar area lets you easily entertain and gives you a good storage spot for your wine and spirits.

7. Rental Space

Depending on the layout and amenities of your basement, you might be able to turn it into a rental property to generate income. This option works best if the basement has a separate entrance to the outside so your tenants can come and go without going through your home. You’ll need a kitchen and bathroom in the space to promote it as an apartment.

Before you go with this option, check on local laws and HOA regulations on multifamily residences. You might need to meet certain requirements, or you might not be able to have a basement apartment depending on the local laws and regulations.

Another option is to rent out the space as a short-term room rental through sites such as Airbnb. This lets you earn occasional income without the responsibility of becoming a full-time landlord.

Make the Most of Your Remodeled Basement

A remodeled basement gives you more usable space no matter what you do with it. Choosing an option that fits your family’s needs ensures your updated basement space will get lots of use.

If you’re still in the planning stages of your basement remodel, contact us to see how we can help make the space functional for how you want to use it.

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