Homeowners often spend about $5,500 per bathroom remodeling project. Trying to remodel your bathroom alone (and making expensive mistakes in the process) could boost the cost. Instead, it helps to find a professional bathroom remodeling contractor who can help.

Not sure who to choose? Here are seven factors to consider before hiring a bathroom remodeling professional. With these tips, you can choose the right person for the job.

Otherwise, you could end up watching your remodeling budget sink down the drain.

Start your search by keeping an eye out for these seven qualities in a professional contractor today!

1. Specialty

It’s not enough to look for a general contractor or plumber. Instead, you need to focus on a professional who specializes as a bathroom remodeling contractor. Their specialty will ensure they have the tools, permits, and knowledge necessary for your project.

Hiring someone who specializes in projects like yours will give you peace of mind. You’ll have the reassurance that they can handle your job.

A general contractor, on the other hand, might lack the necessary hands-on experience. If they’ve never taken on a bathroom remodel before, they’re likely to make mistakes.

Someone who can leverage their previous experience will know how to anticipate problems down the line. A specialist will use their experience to determine the best solutions. Their problem-solving abilities will save you time and money.

As you start searching for a contractor, ask how long they’ve specialized in bathroom remodeling projects. What past experience do they have that makes them qualified for your specific project?

Make sure you gather proof of their past experience, too.

After writing a short list of contractors who specialize in bathroom remodeling projects, you can use these tips to narrow down your choices.

2. Services

Once you have a short list of prospective contractors, ask about each one’s services. What value do they bring to your project that someone else can’t?

Someone who specializes in bathroom remodeling might have design services you can use. These contractors will know how to bring the concept of your dream bathroom to life. Their enhanced skills will benefit your project more than a general contractor’s skills could.

What ideas do they have for your specific remodeling project? What bathroom remodeling equipment do they plan to use?

Make sure to ask what’s included in their quote. For example, will they provide all the necessary materials? Do they have a contact that can give you a deal on the materials you need?

Ask if the contractor can recycle materials from your existing bathroom as well. Choosing a creative contractor can save you time and money.

Your effort to save materials could benefit the environment, too!

A contractor with the right contacts can earn discounts for the materials and products you need. They’ll pass these savings onto you, saving you both time and money.

Most specialists prefer to act as your full-service bathroom remodeling expert. By providing everything you need, they’re providing convenience. Meanwhile, they’re also able to increase their estimate.

Learning more about the contractor’s skills and abilities will help you ensure they’re the right person for the job. If they lack the skills and creativity you need, keep searching.

3. Credentials

Before you choose a contractor, it’s important to make sure they have the credentials you need. Do they have a license for remodeling? What about insurance?

Make sure all necessary registrations are up-to-date, too.

You don’t have to take a contractor at their word. Instead, ask for proof of their license and insurance. Do they have proof of any formal training you can look at, too?

Maybe they’re a member of an organization. Are they dedicated to remaining educated about their industry?

These questions will help you choose the best bathroom remodeling expert around.

4. Professionalism

Once you’ve narrowed down your list, schedule time to meet each contractor in person. Taking the time to talk to your contractor will ensure you’re the right fit for one another.

During your consultation, ask questions about:

  • Their availability
  • Their other current projects
  • How long the project will take

If they’re busy with other projects, your own remodeling might take longer.

Make sure to outline the specifics of your project, too. Make sure you’re on the same page before you ask for a quote.

5. Previous Work

If you want to learn more about a bathroom remodeling contractor’s abilities, ask to see proof of their work. Exploring their portfolio will help you ensure they’re the right fit for your project.

As you explore their portfolio, take note of any projects or features you want to add to your own bathroom remodel.

Reviewing your work will help you determine if they’re capable of meeting your expectations.

6. References

Don’t forget to ask for references and reviews, too. Speaking with a contractor’s previous clients will help you learn more about their abilities.

Was the client happy with the bathroom remodeling project? Did they have any issues while working with the bathroom remodeling contractor? Do they wish they called someone else?

You can also find reviews on the company’s Better Business Bureau and Google My Business listings.

7. Costs

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, make sure to get quotes from a few contractors in the area. Ask each remodeling contractor to put everything you discussed in writing.

That includes the project schedule, payment plan, and all included costs. Getting everything in writing will help you avoid potential disagreements down the road.

It helps to estimate your bathroom remodeling budget below 5 to 10% of your home’s value.

Asking for quotes from multiple contractors will help you make sure you’re getting the best price in the area.

Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Search: 7 Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Pro

Don’t rush to work with the first bathroom remodeling contractor you speak to. Instead, keep these seven factors in mind. With these tips, you can find a professional contractor you can trust.

They’ll make sure your bathroom remodeling project meets (or even exceeds) expectations!

Eager to work with a contractor you can rely on? Contact our team today for a proposal.

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