Every year, roughly 14.2 million bathrooms undergo renovations. If you’re ready to add to this year’s statistics, it’s important to have a plan with bathroom remodel tips that keep your project on track.

Your budget and preferred layout are two of the biggest factors to choose from the beginning to guide your plans. The goal is a bathroom that’s both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional to make your mornings easier.

Keep reading for seven tips for remodeling a bathroom.

1. Start With a Budget

How much are you prepared to spend on your bathroom? A mid-range bathroom remodel averages $21,377 while an upscale remodel can cost $67,106 on average. It’s easy to let the total increase steadily if you start spending without planning your budget.

Having a budget in mind before hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor helps guide every remodeling decision, from the scope of the project to the materials you use. Your contractor can help you plan the remodel once you provide your target budget. Since remodeling projects often go over budget, it’s a good idea to keep some of the money back as a buffer instead of allocating every penny to the design.

2. Leave the Layout

The bathroom layout is one of the first planning decisions since it determines the location and available space for the large bathroom fixtures. It’s more important than the aesthetics because it impacts the functionality of the bathroom.

Unless you hate your bathroom layout or it presents logistical issues, leaving your plumbing in the same spot is the easiest and cheapest way to remodel. Having a plumber relocate the pipes and water lines can add significantly to your cost and extend the renovation timeline.

If the current bathroom doesn’t work, rearranging the fixtures can make things flow better and open up more space. Work with your contractor to choose new locations that work well and look aesthetically pleasing.

If you’re replacing your tub, vanity, or toilet, compare the size of the current items to the new ones. Measure the available space to ensure they fit well.

3. Choose an Overall Style

Another important decision is the overall style you’re going for in your remodel. Do you prefer detailed traditional bathrooms, rustic farmhouse designs, or clean modern looks? Are you going to a spa theme in your bathroom?

You need at least a general style or direction for your design to help plan the details of the bathroom remodel. You wouldn’t choose the same vanity for an ultra-sleek modern bathroom as you would for a boho design.

4. Improve Lighting

Effective lighting impacts the overall look of your bathroom and the functionality. Good lighting highlights the best features of your bathroom by illuminating them well. It makes it easier to notice all of the little details you put into the design.

Lighting in the different functional areas of your bathroom makes it easier to get ready each day. You want clear vanity lighting that doesn’t create shadows on your mirror to do your makeup and hair well. Your shower area needs strong lighting, so you can see what you’re doing when you bathe or shower.

Adding natural light through larger windows or skylights can brighten the room during the day. Natural light creates a more welcome, airy look.

Layered artificial light supplements the natural sunlight. An overhead fixture or recessed lights cast general ambient lighting around the room to make it feel bright and airy.

Layer in soft vanity lighting to illuminate your mirrors clearly. Add other focused light where needed, such as over your shower.

5. Focus on Space

Unless you have a massive bathroom, space is likely at a premium. Getting the most out of the space you have makes your bathroom feel more relaxing.

Consider the current spacing between the vanity, toilet, and shower or tub to ensure you have enough space to use those items easily. If your current vanity is oversized and crowds your toilet, consider a smaller vanity. Having a separate shower and tub is a nice feature, but it can make the room feel crowded.

Storage is another space issue for bathrooms. Choose a vanity with ample storage space that’s easy to use. Consider supplemental storage, such as shelves and cubbies that use vertical space.

6. Choose Materials Carefully

Your material choice is a major factor in your budget. Real stone flooring costs significantly more than ceramic or laminate flooring, for example.

However, you don’t want to skimp and go with the cheapest materials available. Higher-end products typically last longer, so you don’t have to worry about remodeling again soon. Those higher-quality items also look better, which makes your remodel a better investment.

Certain materials are also better suited for the damp bathroom environment. Particle board cabinets are more likely to swell or show other signs of damage due to the dampness whereas real wood cabinets hold up better. Non-porous materials are ideal for various bathroom finishes to keep water out and extend the life of the materials.

Balancing your budget with the durability of each material helps you make the perfect choice. Your contractor can help you compare the materials and choose one that’s durable and fits your budget.

7. Add Luxury Touches

Sprinkling in a few luxury elements can give your bathroom an upscale touch without going completely over budget. Pick a few key areas where you want to splurge.

Think about what has the most visual impact on the project. Maybe you choose a high-end freestanding tub that creates the focal point in the bathroom or gorgeous stone tile to line your shower. When you have a high-impact feature, it draws attention as soon as you enter the room.

Another strategy is to choose something that adds pampering for you. Heated tile floors and heated towel bars are two examples of things that make your bathroom feel like a luxury spa without blowing your entire budget.

Follow Bathroom Remodel Tips

With these bathroom remodel tips in mind, you can plan your project more effectively. These tips help you create a cohesive bathroom design that fits your budget and style without sacrificing on the functionality of the space.

Do you need help planning and executing your bathroom remodel? Contact us to start the conversation today.

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