A kitchen remodel is a big project, but when it’s time to redo your kitchen, it needs to be done.

But how long does it take to remodel a kitchen? How much time should you allot to this project, and what kinds of factors go into it?

The time that’s going to be spent on your kitchen remodeling project is going to vary, but we want to give you a good general idea of what you can expect so you can prepare and work your life around the remodeling.

Keep reading to learn about how long you should plan for your kitchen remodel to take based on our kitchen remodel timeline and the factors that may alter things.

Factors That May Influence Time

Asking how long a kitchen remodel takes is kind of like asking, “how long is a line?”

This means that while there’s a clear timeline for the process, there are factors involved that may add or subtract time.

If, for example, you have a very large kitchen or a very small kitchen, the time that it will take to do a full remodel will vary up or down.

If you need a full remodel that includes tearing up floors or walls, you’ll need more time than a kitchen remodel that exclusively focuses on countertops and appliances.

If you have a clear idea in your head of what you want the remodel to look like, you’ll be spending less time than someone who needs specific guidance from a designer.

In other words, take the timeline as a loose guideline based on how a remodeling company is going to approach your kitchen remodeling project.

How Long Does It Take To Remodel a Kitchen: The Timeline

So what does a kitchen remodel timeline look like anyway?

When you pay to get your kitchen remodeled, you aren’t just paying for a group of workers to come in and tear up your room as they see fit. You’re paying for a guided process that helps you get the kitchen that you’re dreaming of.

Here’s a basic guide of the steps that go into your remodeling project.

Meeting or Consultation

The first step of a successful kitchen remodeling project is a consultation. This is when you talk with a designer about your goals and get your price estimate.

Some remodeling companies and designers require walkthroughs first to ensure that they can get the full scope of your wants and needs before they determine the price. They need an idea of what they’re going to be working with.

This is also a good time to get a feel for the remodeling company and the designer to make sure that you mesh well. You’ll be working with these people for a while and entrusting them with your space, so make sure that you get along!


If you don’t have a clear idea in your head of what you want, the workers are going to come up with a design that takes your interests and needs into account and still creates a functional space for you.

This may take some reworking as you work together to make the perfect kitchen, so make sure to factor this time into your remodeling period. The results will be worth it if you trust the process.

Agreements and Contracts

Once you’re done with all of that prep work, you should factor in time to talk to the company and come up with a contract. This is going to include the price, the estimated time that’s going to be spent, and the different parts that are included in the process.

It’s likely to be more costly if you have a larger space or if you’re doing a full remodel rather than a partial remodel.

Once this negotiation period is done and all contracts are signed, it’s time for the construction period to start.

A Full Remodel

In this context, we’re considering a full remodel as one in which you’re replacing all or most of the appliances, the counters, and changing the structure of the kitchen itself. This means that you may be removing or adding walls or otherwise changing the footprint of the room.

These kinds of remodels can take several months, so be sure to plan for how you’re going to eat and feed your family. It can be helpful to set up a temporary kitchenette area and have pre-planned meals frozen and refrigerated.

Expect between two and five months for the average full remodel. When you consult with your remodeling company, they can give you a more accurate estimate based on the amount of space and the specific needs you have.

A Partial Remodel

Some remodeling projects don’t include building an entirely new space. If you’re changing your counters or countertops, your appliances, or plumbing, but you aren’t changing the structure of the room, you’re looking at a shorter remodeling time.

This is even true if you’re installing something new, like a kitchen island or a bar area, or if you’re changing the flooring.

These remodeling projects are large tasks, but they take considerably less time. You can plan for several weeks for a project like this. One week is the minimum, but it may take up to ten.

Again, prepare yourself with meal plans, a small kitchenette area, and a good list of takeout options available near you. The wait will be worth it.

Is It Time to Remodel Your Kitchen?

Whether you’re trying to add value to your home or you just need a space that speaks to you, a kitchen remodel is sure to please.

So how long does it take to remodel a kitchen? It depends on your needs, but the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be finished! Make sure you give yourself enough time for this process. It’s a long wait, but when your dream kitchen is the light at the end of the tunnel, you can rest assured that you’ll be happy that you signed up for it.

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